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07 Feb

5 Practices of an Inwardly-Focused Church

by Brian Kaufman

This list is nowhere near exhaustive but my hope is that it begins a larger discussion within church leadership as we move forward with the Gospel, let the cross be our focus and the Great Commission to be our ultimate decision filter. I am not isolated from the ideas above but instead include myself whole-heartedly as a prideful sinner in need of divine perspective and grace as often as a heartbeat.

01 Nov

Worship Excellence vs Worship Ministry – Which One Are You?

by Dan Navarra

Since basically the introduction of contemporary music to the Church some fifty years ago, the worship team has become a central part of how the church goes about its ministry. In my experience, there really are two major camps out there on philosophy of worship ministry: in the left corner we have what I call the “Excellence Side” and then over on the right we find the “Ministry Side.”