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28 Apr

CLA Conference Presentation & Notes

by Brian Kaufman

In case you missed Nick and I at the CLA Conference in Dallas I wanted to give you the presentation and notes we put together on our talk, “Lots to Look at, Nothing to See; a Promotional Tale.” This talk covered social media strategy, communication vs. marketing basics and tons of social media tools you can look further into!

05 Oct

Stc Podcast Episode #3

by Brian Kaufman

In episode #3 Nick Asolas joins the crew to talk about Catalyst, Justin’s solution to obesity in the military, self-diagnosis with WebMD, video games, Verizon refund scandal, riding lawnmower escapes, daredevil repelling, SHRINK the church writer’s contest, Christian conference personalities, worship groupies, Promise Keepers and Jimmy & Joe’s Pizza.

06 Sep

Stc Podcast Episode #1

by Brian Kaufman

In our premiere SHRINK the church podcast episode we collaborate with the guys from Spinalcast and talk about brodozers, testamints, Chuck Liddell’s mohawk, Christian apparel, iTunes’ Ping social media service, college football, Glenn Beck, psychics, the Chilean mine cave in, social media in churches and so much more!