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19 Oct

An Interview with Mark Connelly

by Brian Kaufman

From pothead to lead pastor in the 13th fastest-growing church in the nation Mark Connelly is trying to figure it out as he goes. We sat down to talk with Mark about the recent growth, men in the church, justice, growing up Catholic, Cheech & Chong, hippies, leadership, challenges of a church environment, craving authenticity in the modern church, men leading in a feminine church environment, Affliction shirts, social justice and a Mark Driscoll MMA throwdown.

12 Oct

We Need More Mighty Men

by Brian Kaufman

This is 90 seconds of Pastor Mark Connelly from MISSION Community Church in Gilbert, AZ talking about the kind of men we need in the church.  I decided to set it to some “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and transcribe the words. It got me pretty fired up! Maybe it will do the same for [...]