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16 Nov

8 Fantastic Apps Every Mac User Should Have

by Brian Kaufman

I love finding new and useful tools that both aid in my daily productivity and push me to develop new ways of organizing and working. The 8 apps below are ones I use almost on a daily basis. Most are free but all are fantastic. If you have others you use please share them!

07 Feb

5 Practices of an Inwardly-Focused Church

by Brian Kaufman

This list is nowhere near exhaustive but my hope is that it begins a larger discussion within church leadership as we move forward with the Gospel, let the cross be our focus and the Great Commission to be our ultimate decision filter. I am not isolated from the ideas above but instead include myself whole-heartedly as a prideful sinner in need of divine perspective and grace as often as a heartbeat.

02 Nov

Stc Podcast Episode #5

by Brian Kaufman

In episode #5 of the SHRINK the church / Spinalcast collab we talk about Harvest Festival, dressing up as each other, metrosexual Roombas, Mariah Carey’s (cougar) pregnancy, the world’s most expensive house, Chilean miner marathon, camp worship leaders that hug the ladies, Christian pet peeves, salvation-thru-fear, prayer etiquette, “The Church Ain’t No Hoe”, and a solid game of hypothetical questions.

12 Oct

We Need More Mighty Men

by Brian Kaufman

This is 90 seconds of Pastor Mark Connelly from MISSION Community Church in Gilbert, AZ talking about the kind of men we need in the church.  I decided to set it to some “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and transcribe the words. It got me pretty fired up! Maybe it will do the same for [...]