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06 Oct

Steve Jobs: Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die.

by Brian Kaufman

As we remember Steve Jobs this morning for his contributions to the world I can’t help but feel that something huge is missing. Did Jobs waste his life? Now, this question might seem tasteless and completely absurd in light of his accomplishments. I use and love many of the gadgets Apple created and am not trying to say they aren’t important or valuable to society as a whole. What I am trying to say is that in the Kingdom-minded perspective of eternity my iPhone & Macbook Pro mean absolutely nothing.

23 Sep

What the new Facebook changes mean for churches

by Brian Kaufman

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Mark Zuckerberg (or Zucky as I call him) announced some big changes coming to Facebook. For the church that uses Facebook, wants to use Facebook or better its use of Facebook there is a new conversation we must be having and questions we need to be asking to make our story worth seeing.

Let’s discuss briefly some of the changes coming and what it could mean for churches:

18 May

Are Your Small Groups Thinking Too Small? Part 1 of 2

by Brian Kaufman

I think small groups think too small. Jesus had a small group, and they had snacks, but then He died which totally killed the small group’s momentum. Then, He came back and told His small group to think bigger. My goal in this article is to identify some problems I see with the traditional small group model with the hope that it will push you to reexamine your approach with small groups.

07 Feb

5 Practices of an Inwardly-Focused Church

by Brian Kaufman

This list is nowhere near exhaustive but my hope is that it begins a larger discussion within church leadership as we move forward with the Gospel, let the cross be our focus and the Great Commission to be our ultimate decision filter. I am not isolated from the ideas above but instead include myself whole-heartedly as a prideful sinner in need of divine perspective and grace as often as a heartbeat.