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13 Sep

A Successful Facebook Exchange

by Brian Kaufman

I wanted to briefly share an exchange I saw this morning with my local church supporting a new family to the church. This successful exchange demonstrates just 1 way you can use Facebook to better support and connect your online audience. Because this exchange is made public (on their Facebook page) the church is also demonstrating that their page is not only active but also a resource for those that would like to take advantage of it.

26 Jul

10 Reasons Why Volunteers Quit: Part 2

by Dave Shrein

This is part 2 of a two-part post by Dave Shrein. To read the opening post, click here. Enjoy! 5) Only communicate with your volunteer when something goes wrong. We all know what happens on a Sunday when a mic doesn’t come on at the right time, or the video freezes, or the system starts [...]

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13 Jul

10 Reasons Why Volunteers: Part 1

by Dave Shrein

I have learned the hard way some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to working with volunteers. I watched and learned from those more experienced than me, but there are just some lessons that can’t be anticipated.

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14 Jun

Do you remember my name?

by Chase Miller

I wonder what it would look like if Christians as a whole went all out to make visitors feel welcome; it seems simple, but is often overlooked.

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24 May

Don’t Let the Rapture Not Happen Again

by Nick Asolas

Every week, it seems like some fringe element of Protestantism is grabbing the spotlight and using it to do damage to the message of peace, forgiveness and love that is the Gospel. Somehow, the likes of Jim Jones, Harold Camping and Westboro Baptist Church have become the spokespeople for Christianity.

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18 May

Are Your Small Groups Thinking Too Small? Part 1 of 2

by Brian Kaufman

I think small groups think too small. Jesus had a small group, and they had snacks, but then He died which totally killed the small group’s momentum. Then, He came back and told His small group to think bigger. My goal in this article is to identify some problems I see with the traditional small group model with the hope that it will push you to reexamine your approach with small groups.

28 Apr

CLA Conference Presentation & Notes

by Brian Kaufman

In case you missed Nick and I at the CLA Conference in Dallas I wanted to give you the presentation and notes we put together on our talk, “Lots to Look at, Nothing to See; a Promotional Tale.” This talk covered social media strategy, communication vs. marketing basics and tons of social media tools you can look further into!