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31 Jan

What if a 3 Corinthians Was Found?

by Brian Kaufman

I have started to meet on a monthly basis with a small group of guys to discuss systematic theology as we explore the foundations and difficult questions we have about faith, history, and everything in between. Our pastor helps direct the discussion and we anticipate that every meeting we will leave with more questions than answers! I want to use SHRINKthechurch as an extension for some of these questions to make us all think a little more and sometimes outside of our own box.

07 Feb

5 Practices of an Inwardly-Focused Church

by Brian Kaufman

This list is nowhere near exhaustive but my hope is that it begins a larger discussion within church leadership as we move forward with the Gospel, let the cross be our focus and the Great Commission to be our ultimate decision filter. I am not isolated from the ideas above but instead include myself whole-heartedly as a prideful sinner in need of divine perspective and grace as often as a heartbeat.

14 Jan

6 Ways to Engage Idle People in Your Church

by Dan Navarra

As a church leader, how do you speak to people at your church who have been there for an extended period of time, but are still not engaging the way you want them to? Here are some ideas on how to jump start your congregations’ collective walk with Jesus.

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19 Oct

An Interview with Mark Connelly

by Brian Kaufman

From pothead to lead pastor in the 13th fastest-growing church in the nation Mark Connelly is trying to figure it out as he goes. We sat down to talk with Mark about the recent growth, men in the church, justice, growing up Catholic, Cheech & Chong, hippies, leadership, challenges of a church environment, craving authenticity in the modern church, men leading in a feminine church environment, Affliction shirts, social justice and a Mark Driscoll MMA throwdown.

23 Sep

Real Fruit Youth

by Duncan Robinson

I have been a Youth Pastor at two youth groups. One as a Volunteer Youth Leader for 4 years. One as a Youth Pastor for 4.5 years. I am now splitting time between adult small groups and youth ministry and have been in this position for 2 years. I have noticed something frustrating. It’s a question of numbers.