Author : Nick Asolas

24 May

Don’t Let the Rapture Not Happen Again

by Nick Asolas

Every week, it seems like some fringe element of Protestantism is grabbing the spotlight and using it to do damage to the message of peace, forgiveness and love that is the Gospel. Somehow, the likes of Jim Jones, Harold Camping and Westboro Baptist Church have become the spokespeople for Christianity.

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21 Jan

Dear Dexter, God loves you.

by Nick Asolas

At 30 years old, I am just now understanding something that was fed to me with animal crackers and fruit punch since I was 5 years old in Sunday School. God loves me. Completely, totally, unconditionally loves me. I don’t have to act a certain way, I don’t need to perform a certain way. There is nothing I can do that will make Him love me any less.

09 Dec

[EDITORS CHOICE] Top 10 Christmas Movies Ever

by Nick Asolas

We love the real Reason for Christmas here at Stc, but we also get pretty geeked up for the other ones too. Cold weather, great food and gifts are just a few things we love about this time of year but the volumes of excellent Christmas films out there tie everything together.

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